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Nayoya Acupressure Massage Mat

The Nayoya Acupressure Massage Mat and Pillow Set is great for relieving pain from all over your body. This product uses theories of acupressure to mimic nail beds to relieve pain, especially chronic pain.

Acupressure theorizes that there are certain pressure points on the body that will release pain stopping chemicals when stimulated.

For people who suffer chronic pain, an acupressure mat and/or pillow may be a great way to relieve that pain without drugs or seeing a professional massage therapist, and the mats only take 10-15 minutes of your time.

The mat was first developed to replace acupuncture sessions, which can be very costly. Since most people suffer from back pain, this product is a great remedy that is low cost and easy to use.

The mat and pillow also take up very little room, as opposed to other products like massage chairs. Typically, an acupressure mat and pillow weighs only two or three pounds and rolls up easily like a yoga mat.
The Nayoya Acupressure Massage Mat and Pillow Set

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Nayoya Acupressure Massage Mat for Pain and Stress Relief

Acupressure mats are designed to help people who want to relieve stress, back and neck pain, migraines, and headaches, insomnia, muscles tension and spasms, reduce inflammation, lose weight, promote relaxation and well-being, and improve blood flow and circulation.

They are typically foam mats with little plastic circles of small spikes.

The mats contain thousands of little spikes designed in circles to reach those acupressure points on our bodies. To use, all you need to do is put the mat on the floor and lie down on top of it. For example, if you have back pain, you would lie face up on the mat and allow your body to feel the points for 10-15 minutes.

The little plastic spikes cause the temperature of your skin touching them to rise, which pulls in chemicals in your body to take away the pain.

How to use the Nayoya Acupressure Massage Mat Review Video

This particular product comes with the acupressure mat and a pillow, so you can easily reach areas such as your neck and feet with the pillow.

If you are into reflexology, you can also use the acupressure pillow to stimulate the areas on your feet connected to the areas of your body that you want to treat.

For can either apply pressure to the pillow for reflexology treatment; otherwise you can also stand with both feet flat on the mat for the same effect.

This acupressure mat and pillow are great for treating a variety of pains including back and neck pain, sciatica, and coccyx pain. These products may also be able to help treat insomnia and are excellent for light myofascial release.

From a study, participants reported success and results from using an acupressure mat. In the study, 98 reported pain relief from using the product, while 96 percent found relaxation from using the mat.

Additionally, 94 percent of participants reported better sleep, and 81 percent reported that they felt an increase in energy after using the mat. An acupressure mat should be used multiple times a week in order to see consistent and reliable results.

When using either of these acupressure products, be sure that your weight is spread across the surface of either the pillow or the mat. The mat has over 6,200 spikes while the pillow has over 1,700 spikes.

The spikes work to relieve pain because they provide some pressure, but not enough to hurt or pierce the skin. If you put a lot of weight on the mat or pillow on only a very small part of your body, you risk hurting yourself.

While first using the product, or while your body’s weight is initially being dispersed, you may feel some discomfort. If you ever start to feel intense pain, you should immediately get off the mat. Please be sure that you use the acupressure mat and pillow properly.

It is highly advised to ask your doctor before using an acupressure mat on a regular basis. For some conditions, you may not be able to use an acupressure mat, or you should not use one unless you have received clearance from your doctor.

People with heart disease, blood pressure conditions, coagulation problems, on anticoagulants, with diabetes, skin conditions or damage, have epilepsy, pregnant or breastfeeding, open wounds such as acne wounds or unhealed scars, currently undergoing medical treatment or people with back eczema or general psoriasis should not use an acupressure mat unless a doctor gives permission first.

Also people with sensitive skin will likely not want to use this product, as it causes initial redness to the skin.

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