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Thumper Sport Percussive Massager Review

The Thumper Sport Percussive Massager is specifically designed for deep tissue massage and to alleviate the tight aching muscles and strains we can all experience after a bout of hard work or exercise.

Thumper Sport Percussive Massager

Whether your sport is running, cycling, soccer or you have been working out in the gym. the Thumper with its dual massage heads and powerful drive mechanism will ease those sore and tight muscles. The unit is also ideal at easing the aches muscle knots we can experience after heavy manual tasks or work.

Weighing in at a very light 3.5 pounds, the unit is extremely portable and ideal for home use whether its for self massage or for work on a partner or home patient.

Thumper Sport Percussive Massager Review

The Thumper Sport deep tissue massager is also designed with a long ergonomically designed handle to ensure your self massage can reach every muscle on your body particularly those in the middle of your back or around the glutes and calves.

The drive unit which powers the percussion massager is powerful enough to deliver a continuous, rapid and penetrating motion know as tapotement. Despite the power being delivered through the percussion heads, there is very little feedback or resonance to the handle. This is important as it allows the user of the Thumper to maintain the massage without any vibration discomfort.

The level of massage can be altered either via the use of changeable heads or by amending the speed control selector. The speed can be altered between 20 and 40 pulses / second.

Thumper Sport Key Features:

  • A powerful DC drive which consistently delivers power and performance.
  • The adjustable speed dial allows for pulses to altered to a rage of 20 to 40 taps per second
  • The massage experience can be altered by using hard and soft heads
  • The unit provides extra reach due to the long handle. Gets to all muscle groups on the body.
  • No need for massage oils – the unit is so penetrating it will work through your clothes
  • Ships with an instructional DVD which shows how to get the most  out of the unit
  • Wipe the unit down with a cloth or damp sponge.
  • High build quality. Manufactured in Toronto, Canada
  • Warranty is a 2-year parts & labor


  • Designed specifically for the home user in mind. Light, ergonomic and highly reliable
  • It has large powerful massage nodes which can generate deep pulses which will go straight into the muscle tissue. Much more powerful than vibration massagers which only impact the top tissue layers
  • Also assists those who do not get enough exercise by stimulating the blood and circulatory systems
  • Strong build quality from a reputable Canadian manufacturer Thumper Massager Inc


  • Even at 3.5 pounds, some users may find the unit too heavy if using over a prolonged period.


This is a highly popular massage product which brings professional level massage outcomes to a the home user.

Whilst you might be tempted to select a Magic Wand or Homedics Massager, these vibrator type units will only ever ever provide you with a light skin myofascial realeaser type massage. The Thumper Sport Percussion Massager however packs that extra power to ensure your aching muscles get the deep tissue treatment they deserve.


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