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Best Essential Oil Diffuser

Welcome to our post which takes a look at a selection of the best essential oil diffusers available.

Similar to the role played by pleasant and distinctive scented candles the basic role of an essential oil diffuser is to make a room smell in a pre-determined way and effect the ambiance and mood of the people within the space.

Unlike candles though, the oil diffuser is much under your control regarding when you introduce smell and without the worry of a live flame. This is especially useful if you want to introduce aromas when you are asleep.

There are basically two types of electric diffuser – a nebulizing diffuser and an ultrasonic diffuser.

Nebulizing Diffusers Pros and Cons

A nebulizer, which tend to cost more, will basically diffuse or atomize the essential oil by introducing a jet of compressed air to the mix. The force and pressure of the passing air at high speed through a specially designed nozzle, turns the oil into a mist which is them more easily circulated into the surround air.

Because of the compressed air process, nebulizing diffusers tend to make more noise than an ultrasonic diffuser but offer the advantage of basically getting more concentrated oil and therefore greater aroma into the surrounding air.

Ultrasonic Diffusers Pros and Cons

Ultrasonic diffusers tend to be more more popular primarily due to the cheaper price.

Ultrasonic diffusers operate by adding a few small drops of oil to a small storage chamber of water. A pulsating  diaphragm within the diffuser changes the oil and water mix into a fine mist.

The strength of aroma can be increased by adding more essential oil however this tends not to be as strong as the nebulizer or normal scented candle.

Regardless of the type of appliance you pick the key point about diffusers is to remember that they can open up a whole new world of aroma to your home or office.

Essential oils and the ancient art of aromatherapy can contribute a great many benefits to our lives and living/working environments. The list of potential oils to use is endless with lavender, chamomile,  bergamot, frankincense and sandalwood being amongst some of the more popular ones.

Oil Diffuser Features to Look Out For

Take a look at this video which discusses some of the key features and recommendations to consider.

Like any product on offer these days, there will be a wide range of features to consider before make a purchase. Below we have listed a range of points that you should consider before making a purchase.

Price is always at the forefront of any buying decision. Read the product reviews and ensure you will get value for money over the long-term.

  1. The size of the unit in terms of the water tank and essential oils that it can cater for.
  2. Noise generated particularity with nebulizing diffusers
  3. Moving parts – like buttons to operate
  4. Will it beep at the end of it cycle (out of water and oil)
  5. Dimensions such as footprint, width and height
  6. How complicated are they to operate
  7. Style and design – what is the colour and is it ornate, simple or trendy?
  8. Lighting – does it light up and can this be controlled, dimmed or turned off
  9. Does it have timer buttons and how long will it run for?
  10. Does it provide continuous and intermittent mist settings
  11. Does the appliance come with a warranty?

Places to Use an Essential Oil Diffuser

Diffusers can be used in a wide range of environments depending on whether you want to calm or invigorate a space. Here are just a few ideas.

  • When relaxing in a bath, relaxing hot-tub or as part of any hydrotherapy treatment
  • In an area where meditation, aromatherapy massage might takes place
  • In a bedroom to help calm and induce sleep
  • Next to a massage table to create a relaxing atmosphere
  • In an office environment where smell and aromatherapy can influence the reduction of stress
  • Using it in a hallway is a great way to welcome people into your home
  • Some diffusers come with lighting functions and can be used as night lights
  • In a toilet where foul smells may need to be addressed !
  • Good for nursery’s and kids bedroom

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