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Foot Massage Techniques

Welcome to our video post highlighting foot massage techniques. The foot is an important part of our anatomy. Because it performs a weight bearing role as well as a movement role, it is essential that it is kept in the best condition possible.

Gravity also has an important part to play in foot health. The fact that it is at the bottom of our body means that toxins and fluid are more likely to gather or pool around this point.

Our movement and good circulation ensures that the circulatory and lymph systems move these toxins on. Massage has an important part to play in this role also especially when we become less mobile or our circulatory systems are not as effective as they should be.

A good foot massage will have the benefit of taking the stress and strain away from tendons, ligaments and bone whilst also stimulating the nerve endings in the foot. Its also worth taking a look at the benefits of reflexology so that the potential whole body and physical system advantages can also be seen.

Remember to use a good carrier oil when performing the massage. Peppermint and lavender essential oils are also a good complimentary oil to use of feet.

Try these Foot Massage Techniques

Foot Massage Techniques

The Ankle Stretch

The ankle stretch should be performed while the lower leg is raised and the knee is flexed. The flexion and extension movements will ease the surrounding tendons and ligaments surrounding the ankle joints.

  1. Grip the back of the leg and rotate one thumb after the other so that their pads grind against the very small ankle bones to relax the ligaments and joints.
  2. Hold the lower leg with your left hand while placing your right hand over the ball of the foot. Gently and slowly depress the foot to extend the back of the heel and ankle creating a stretch in the achilles. Do not push beyond the point of resistance.
  3. Slip your right hand over the instep and move the foot backwards to stretch and extend the front of the ankle. Repeat both movements on the ankle to encourage greater flexibility. Then lower the leg to the mattress.

Relaxing the Heel

  1. The heels of your hands fit perfectly into the sides of the foots heal so that you can ease away strain with firm flowing circles. Raise the foot slightly with your left hand. Clasping the front of the ankle with your right hand, rotate the heel of your hand just below the ankle bone. change hands and repeat the massage on the other side.
  2. holding the foot with your left hand stroke your right thumb firmly back and forth under the inner ridge of the heel to release the pressure and tension points.

Easing the Sole

Stroke the base of the foot by sinking the thumb pad sensitively into a depth of tissue and rotate it slowly on one spot at a time before slowly releasing the pressure. This is a technique known as myofascial release.

Work down the sole in bands from the heel to the base of the toes, starting at the arch and moving across to the outer edge of the foot. Whilst you are doing this keep the foot slightly raised and supported by your hands.

Click here to see the latest home page posts. If you are not able to give or receive a foot massage form a skilled practitioner then it may be worth investing in an an electrical foot massage machine. Click on the link for more information on the best foot massager reviews.

If you want a more basic way to massage your feet then you can always try a home  foot spa.


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