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Pure-Wave CM7 Massager

The Pure-Wave CM7 Massager is a light hand-held cordless massage device that will allow you to reach and massage every part of your body. This is a deep tissue massage appliance that can deliver both a deep and powerful percussive massage as well as a lighter facial massage experience.

The long handled ergonomic design ensures you can address knots, spasms, and tension points in the neck, back, shoulders joints, legs, knees, feet, ankles and even your face.

Pure-Wave Cm7 Massager

The massager holds an internal lithium ion battery which allows for two to three hours of charge to be stored within the appliance. Charging from a mains power outlet, the unit will take about an hour to fully charge. Once charged, the unit operates as a cordless device.

Pure-Wave CM7 Massager

The CM-7 massager delivers both a percussive massage experience and a myofascial releaser facial vibration. The percussive massage will apply a stronger more powerful shiatsu type pressure down into the muscle and body tissue rather than rotate the surface of the skin. the facial vibration is a much lighter operating mode for the face and scalp.

Pure-Wave Attachments

The 6 attachments which ship with the CM7 can be used for a variety of massage related functions:

Pure-Wave CM7 Massager Stick Attachments

Point Stick

This head is ideal if you are looking for an acupressure or reflexology experience. This is very useful when addressing trigger points or particular pain points on the body. When you combine the point stick with the reach you will get from the Pure-Wave then the shoulder blades and your feet are all easily accessible.

6-Head Stick

This attachment is used when you want an experience akin to a deep tissue sports massage. Making sure that you present the head to your thigh, hamstring or other large muscle group (and not to bone), this head will get straight to any knots deep in your muscle.

Air-Cushion Massage Stick

This is a soft and spongy air-filled head which gives you more of a softer Swedish massage experience. It provides a gentler massage which will glide over muscle and bone with relative comfort.

Body Oil Massage Stick

Using the ergonomic handle end of the massager unit, a small disc can be applied to the end of the unit which can be used if you want to work with carrier or essential oils.

Scalp Massage Stick

Operating at lighter power levels on the dial, you can give yourself a very gentle head massage.

Facial Massage Stick

The final attachment allows you to perform a facial massage. Again operating at the lighter end of the dial, this attachment can be used with facial oils and creams.


The Pure-Wave Cm7 Massager is very versatile in that both ends of the unit are used (not at the same time). When first turning on the dial at the lowest power level, the unit will beep and engage the handle end of the CM7. At this lower power level you would use the head and facial attachments.

Turning up the dial to its maximum point will engage the heavier head end for the deeper sports and Japanese shiatsu massage experience.

Pure-Wave CM7 Specifications:

Power : Percussive motor operates at 3.700 rpm. The facial micro-vibration motor operates at 10000 rpm

Battery life : From 180 minutes

Weight : 1.8 lbs

Dimensions :  Length 16.5” x  Width 2.75” to 3.5” .


Download Manufacturers Manual : Pure-Wave CM7 Massager manual  


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