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Best Carrier Oils for Essential Oil Mixing and Aromatherapy Massage

Best Carrier Oils for Essential Oil Mixing and Aromatherapy Massage

Welcome to our post describing the best carrier oils for massage.

A carrier oil is the main base oil constituent which is mixed with more diluted essential oils. They are primarily used to prepare and mix essential oils for use aromatherapy diffusion or aromatherapy massage.

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A carrier oil is needed because essential oils are super concentrated and should only be used in small amounts. Using too much essential oil on the skin can have negative effects; plus essential oils can be expensive, so they are not a viable option to use alone in massage.

The best carrier oils for essential oil mixing and aromatherapy massage do not have a discernible smell, which makes them perfect for use with aromatic essential oils.

Using a carrier oil can also help to receive the full benefits of essential oils. On their own, essential oils will evaporate quickly; however, with a carrier oil, they are better absorbed into the skin.


A List of the Best Carrier Oils to Try

Carrier oils are made from a variety of oils including almond, jojoba, apricot, grapeseed, coconut, sunflower, avocado, kukui nut, olive, and sesame oil.

Some massage carrier oils contain only one oil, such as almond or jojoba, but some come in a blend of several oils, such as apricot, grapeseed, and sesame oils.

Whether a carrier oil is a single oil or is made up of a blend will largely depend on where you purchase the carrier oil. It is important to use the right carrier oil for the person you will be using the oil on and the area of their body.

Some people have allergies to things such as nuts or avocados, so those types of oils should not be used for people with those allergies. Also, some oils are thicker because they contain more vitamins and essential fatty acids. Jojoba and moringa are two types of oils that fit this description. Because they are thicker and contain those vitamins, they are great oils to use to massage the face.

Those vitamins would greatly benefit the facial skin and can help reduce fine lines and wrinkles. However, those oils are also thicker oils, and therefore would not be good choices for a body massage oil, since they would be too thick. Let’s cover a couple of the most popular massage carrier oils and compare them and their properties.

JoJoba Carrier Oil

Jojoba oil is an excellent carrier oil for people who have oily skin. Jojoba is easily absorbed into the skin and does not leave any greasy residue behind. It is one of the lighter oils used for massage, which makes it great for use all year long, but especially during the hot summer months.

Jojoba is so easily absorbed by the skin because its molecular structure is very similar to the body’s natural lubricant.

Jojoba actually works to cleanse blocked pores, which can cause a variety of skin conditions, including excessive oil production. For this reason, jojoba is a great choice as a carrier oil for facial massage.

Since it mimics the body’s natural lubricant, it also is not irritating to most people. Jojoba also has a nice long shelf life compared to other carrier oils, which makes it more worth its cost.

Of the three carrier oils on this list, jojoba is the most expensive oil. This is jojoba’s main drawback as a carrier oil, especially since it is so easily absorbed, which means that you need to apply more of it and more often than other carrier oils.

Sweet Almond Carrier Oil

Sweet almond oil is a great choice for use during the winter or in areas with dry air. This oil contains tons of vitamins such as vitamin E, which are perfect for nourishing and hydrating dry skin.

Almond oil also contains antioxidants, which are a key part in anti-aging.

The oil has anti-inflammatory effects, which works great for soothing dry, itchy skin. It is really good for treating dry skin because the oil sinks down deep into the skin, instead of just absorbing into the top layer or so like other oils do. Almond oil hydrates the skin without clogging pores.

Sweet almond oil is also one of the more inexpensive carrier oil options on the market.

Compared to other carrier oils, sweet almond oil does have a scent, which is a pleasant and mild one. This carrier oil goes well with lavender, jasmine, rose, and chamomile essential oils. However, since almond oil does have a scent, it may not blend as well with some essential oils or may take away slightly from their aromas.

Almond oil is mild and can be used on adults, children, and older babies.

Fractionated Coconut Carrier Oil

Coconut oil, usually fractionated coconut oil, is a popular choice for a massage carrier oil. Unlike normal coconut oil, which is a solid at room temperature, fractionated coconut oil is a liquid and it does not have an odor, so it is great for diluting essential oils without losing the essential oil’s aroma.

Coconut is an intense moisturizer and it absorbs easily into the skin. It is a light oil and leaves the skin feeling nice and smooth since it is not a greasy oil.

This oil also contains antioxidants that make it a great choice for preventing and treating aging of the skin.

Fractionated coconut oil is a good choice for massage because it has a long shelf life, so it will not spoil quickly. It is also one of the cheaper massage carrier oils available.

Unlike many other carrier oils, and oils in general, coconut oil does not stain fabric. This is a key point for massage therapists who have to worry about getting oil stains out of their massage table sheets.

Its low price, combined with its long shelf life, make it one of the most affordable and practical carrier oils on the market.

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