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Pure Organic Bergamot Essential Oil

100 percent Pure organic Bergamot essential oil is described as being uplifting, refreshing and energising. With a fresh citrus smell it can calm your nerves and relax you. The light green oil is identified with improving your circulation, give a boost to your hormones and to your metabolism. The oil is also known for its ant-biotic and disinfectant properties and is ideal for use around the home.

Bergamot is also known as a Top Note perfumery oil with a warming and balancing temperament with a lively and fruity scent which is equally loved by both sexes. The oil from the plant is highly esteemed by the perfume industry and is an ingredient of commercial Eau de Cologne creations.

Bergamot essential oil is a highly concentrated product and should never be applied directly onto the skin. Always dilute the oil with a massage carrier oil such as rapeseed oil, sweet almond oil, sun-flower or even olive oil before using for massage, The oil is ideal for a full-body massage on a home portable massage table.

The oil can be diluted by putting 20 to 30 ml of carrier oil in a small bowl and put about five or six drops of the essential oil in, mix it up and then apply to your skin.

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Bergamot Essential Oil Origins

The essential oil of Bergamot is obtained from the rind of the unripe, very bitter and sour Bergamot fruit, a small variety of citrus fruit, and is extracted by cold press extraction and centrifugation.

Bergamot belongs to the Rutaceae or citrus plant family. Bergamot trees grow in Italy (Reggio di Calabria), Corsica, the Ivory Coast, Tunisia and Algeria.

Pure Organic Bergamot Essential Oil

The Bergamot tree grows up to 5m (1 6ft) in height, has dark green, oval leaves, star-shaped flowers and small pear-shaped green fruits which ripen to a yellow colour and are similar in appearance to quinces. The Bergamot tree is thought to be originally from Asia, possibly New Guinea, India or Burma. According to Italian folklore, the name originates from the city of Bergamo in Lombardy, southern Italy. However, further research leads us to the word Beg br m dn, which means Prince of Burma. It is said that later that this was corrupted to Bergamot.

The fruit has been used for medicinal purposes locally since the sixteenth century. Prior to the end of the seventeenth century there is no mention of this tree. In the later part of 1677  there is refrence to the oil in the German pharmacopea. It is since this period that we are able to trace a mention of Bergamot in the recipes of various fragrant waters, or Eau de Cologne.

J.M. Farina, the creator of the original Eau de Cologne recipe, was inspired by the sister of the convent of Santa Maria Novella in Florence. Professor Paolo Rovesti has conducted extensive research into the use of Bergamot in psychotherapy for patients suffering from fears and phobias and in treatments for weight loss and alcoholism.

Bergamot Essential Oil – Therapeutic Effects

Analgesic, anti-depressant, antiseptic, anti-spasmodic, digestive, expectorant, healing of the skin, stimulant, relaxing, revitalizing and uplifting.

  • Use on skin for acne and eczema treatment
  • Bergamot regulates and balances the appetite and is particularly useful for eating disorders
  • Bergamot is beneficial for bronchitis, catarrh, coughs, colds and cold sores.
  • Bergamot is used for cystitis and urethritis.
  • Bergamot is helpful in vulvar and vaginal pruritus (itchiness), leucorrhoea (vaginal discharges), vaginitis (vaginal inflammations and infections) and thrush..

Safety Considerations

Bergamot is very safe if diluted. Never apply it directly onto your skin as it can be a skin irritant in high concentration. Although it is commercially added to some sun tan lotions to encourage melanin production home users should never try to replicate this in home-made mixtures.

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