Kahuna Heated Recliner Massage Therapy Chair

Welcome to our post reviewing the  Kahuna Heated Massage Chair.

The recliner massage chair is one of the ultimate therapy chairs on the market today. Not only does it combine heat, massage rollers, and air bag compression, it also includes a yoga program to stretch your body.

Kahuna Heated Recliner Massage Chair Features

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The yoga program is specially designed to help remove waste and toxins from your body to make you feel better both mentally and physically. This program is especially helpful for people who feel physically and/or mentally tired or exhausted. The massage rollers in this chair are on a super long massage track, which fully supports you from your neck to glutes during the massage, even during zero gravity positions.

The massage chair rollers are on an L-track which runs from the neck all the way to the glutes for maximum coverage. The zero gravity positions were designed to help make the massage more effective for users. These positions simulate zero gravity to help spread the user’s weight evenly, therefore making the massage more effective.

Think of the way your body and weight is spread out when you have a professional massage on a massage table. This massage chair aims to accomplish those same feelings and results. The heating feature of this massage chair targets areas such as the low back and calves in order to help the muscles relax more and to make the massage rollers even more effective.

The additional heat allows the muscles to take in more oxygen and nutrients, which allows the muscles to recover and repair themselves more quickly.

You can adjust the width of the massage rollers to better fit your body for your massage. This Kahuna massage chair also comes with a handy computer body scan technology that allows the massage chair to automatically sense your body size and build and adjust its settings accordingly so that you can have a custom fit massage with little effort.

It also has automatic shoulder detection to instantly sense where your shoulders are, how tall they are, and the width so that the massage chair can adjust to provide the best personalized massage for you.

Where many massage chairs just use air bag compression to massage the feet and legs, this Kahuna massage chair also uses massage rollers in those areas as well. There are two massage rollers in the feet areas of the massage chair. These rollers provide a kneading massage for your feet.

The rollers can additionally spin in order to reach acupuncture points on the feet as well. The air compression bags also inflate in the feet areas for a nice, deep massage on the bottoms of the feet, where you most need a deep foot massage.

For the legs, there are multiple rollers and two assist rollers to get deep into the calf and thigh muscles. The footrest is adjustable as well as stretchable to comfortably fit any user.

Massage Chair Advanced Air Bag Compression System.

This Kahuna massage chair has an advanced air bag compression system. It covers most of the body while using fewer air bags than other massage chairs.

This feature was designed to increase the quality of the air compression massage. The bags are designed to inflate separately of each other, which allows the massage chair to be able to twist the user’s body for a deep stretch.

With this technology, the air bag compression can be used to massage most of the body including the shoulders, low back, hips, and even the thighs. The twist program of the air compression massage can target the glutes and waist area. This allows the chair to twist the user’s hips from side to side for a great, deep stretch.

There are even massage air bags for the shoulders. All in all, this massage chair has 36 compression massage air bags.

This massage chair utilizes the massage techniques of Shiatsu massage. Therefore this massage chair incorporates massage movements such as kneading, tapping, rolling, traditional Shiatsu, and a combination of tapping and kneading movements. Shiatsu massage is designed to assist with stretching and to make the joints more mobile.

This massage chair has five preset body areas that the chair can massage, which are neck to waist, waist to lower back, lower back to glutes, neck to glutes, and glutes to mid back.

Additionally, there are four preset automatic massage programs. You can adjust the roller speed to one of three different speeds and pressure levels. This massage chair even has massage rollers in the seat to provide a deep massage for the glutes.

Kahuna Heated Recliner Massage Therapy Chair Benefits

This Kahuna massage chair is designed to provide several benefits for your body. It is made to relieve stress, tension, and fatigue from the low back area, where a lot of people suffer from tension and fatigue due to office jobs, driving, and physical labor, as well as improper posture.

Using this therapy chair will also help to improve blood flow and circulation. The massages you will get from this chair will help to relax stiff and aching muscles while soothing tired muscles at the same time. It is also designed to be space saving; so even though it is a full sized massage chair, it will not dominate space in your home.

This Kahuna massage chair weighs about 200 lbs. and is 55.5 inches long, 30 inches wide, and 48.5 inches tall. This chair is currently only available in the color brown.

This massage therapy chair has a three year limited warranty on parts, labor, and the structural framework of the massage chair. For the first year of the warranty, users do not pay anything for repairs as the warranty covers all parts and labor costs. There are also on site repair services. For the second year, the warranty covers part. For this, the user is responsible for paying the cost to ship the product one way. Otherwise, the parts will be shipped and the user will be responsible for repairing the chair themselves or getting it repaired. The third year of the warranty covers the structural framework of the chair only.

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