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Hand massage tips for you

There is nothing more desirable than touching your favorite hands! In order to learn how to do erotic massage, you do not need to be a certified massage therapist. There are no prohibitions and strict rules, except for one thing - to get mutual pleasure. We will talk about the universal techniques of such a massage.

1. The basic rule is to forget about time. Forget about everything that does not concern this particular moment, what does not apply to "here" and "now." Take care of a comfortable environment - a muffled light and soft music as background. Music for meditation will be perfect

2. Take care of a comfortable temperature in the room so that it is not lower than 24-25 degrees. Massage should relax, not invigorate. If the mattress on the bed is not firm, it is better to move to the floor, having previously spread out several blankets. A little trick: cover the person with a light sheet and, gradually moving from top to bottom, as if re-stripping the partner. This will add piquancy and enhance arousal.

3. Massage oil should be chosen without strong smell. Ylang-ylang, patchouli, sandalwood oils are considered to be exciting. However, if you are unsure whether this fragrance will please you, choose something neutral — almond or peach oil, for example. Any baby oil is also great. Dip the container with oil in hot water for a few minutes so that it warms to body temperature, and when you apply it, do not save.

4. In principle, the erotic massage has the same techniques used as in the usual: stroking, rubbing, kneading, vibration. All movements are performed smoothly and gently. No rudeness or the use of force unless your partner asks for it. The movements must be rhythmic in order to understand which rhythm is correct. Watch the reaction of your partner.

5. If the partner is stressed, start the massage from the chest. Slow rhythmic stroking helps to relax the pectoral muscles, breathing becomes smoother, and the nervous system calms down. There is a little trick: try to synchronize your breath. This is a simple and very effective means to achieve not only a state of relaxation, but also to complete trust and understanding between partners.

6. The easier the touch, the sharper the reaction of nerve endings. The skin of the inner surface of the thighs and arms, the back of the neck, and the skin below the knees, and the genital area are particularly sensitive to weightless stroking. The rhythmic touch of open palms, when one hand replaces the other, creates a feeling of touching many hands. This is especially exciting when massaging hands and feet. The difference of erotic massage from the classical one is also in the fact that it can be performed on the front surface of the body, including the belly and genitals.

7. Such a massage can be a foreplay to sex, but it is not necessary at all. If the person to whom the massage was given fell asleep, and this often happens, stop it. Cover the gone to nirvana with a blanket and gently kiss the cheek. Do not be afraid to experiment! There are no prohibitions.





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